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South Carolina Man Arrested for Faking Corona Virus

  • He faked a doctor’s note saying he had corona virus.
  • It forced the Business where he worked to close for 5 days.

Jeffrey Long

A 31-year old man in Inman, South Carolina apparently decided he wanted a few days off of work, and allegedly forged a doctor’s excuse claiming he had the coronavirus. The employer did the responsible thing, not just letting him off, but shutting down their entire facility, a call center, for several days while they brought in professionals to sanitize the building.

fake corona note

While he was off work, the man also decided to visit his children at school, causing educators to worry that other children had been exposed. Fortunately, the whole thing was a scam, and nobody was exposed to danger. The man, Jeffrey Travis, is now facing charges for forgery and breach of peace. This is the second South Carolina resident arrested for falsely making claims about the the virus. Robert Cullum was also charged with breach of peace for telling his employer that he was at risk because his son had the virus. However bad you might want a vacation, it’s not worth going to jail!

Charlotte County Man Arrested after Filming Cops, Harrassing Witnesses

Ian McGuire

Charlotte County Deputies served a warrant today on Ian McGuire, accusing him of three counts of Harassing a Witness, two counts of Obstruction of Justice, and Breach of the Peace. McGuire showed up at an investigation in April and started filming deputies who were searching a warrant. They’d have a hard time charging him with anything related to that, due to his First Amendment protections. However, he took it a step farther by stepping into the crime scene area, arguing with Deputies, and allegedly mocking witnesses that were speaking to deputies. He has a First Amendment right to film public interactions, but he may have crossed the line if his words or actions interfered with the deputies’ lawful investigations (they were responding to a report of an aggravated battery). McGuire posted a 19 minute video of the incident, online. McGuire has previously been in the news for his activism.

Remember When the Mall Easter Bunny Got Arrested?

The scene, Edison Mall, 2006. They have an Easter Bunny area where families could come and get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. 27 parents were lined up when the Bunny-manager decided to shut down for the day, 15 minutes early. One of the parents approached the manager and asked why, to which the manager replied, “because I felt like it”, and punched the mom in the face. When the bunny saw the manager involved in a fight, he jumped in and started punching the mom in the back of the head.

arthur mcclure easter bunny

Arthur McClure, the Rogue Rabbit

The Bunny, Art McClure, claims that he and the manager, his girlfriend, were acting in self-defense when the “mob of angry soccer moms” came after them. Ultimately, McClure was charged with misdemeanor battery and breach of the peace, and pled out  to time served on the charges a couple weeks later. The responding officer got statements from half a dozen of the parents, who all indicated McClure and his girlfriend were the aggressors. It’s like Bad Santa for another season!

It’s too bad that cell phone cameras were not as common then, and even the snapshots that were taken don’t seem to have made it to the internet. McClure’s listed occupation on the arrest report is “Easter Bunny”, though this was his last day on the job.

Watch a Crazy Person Dance on a Sheriff’s Vehicle

Exactly what the headline says, this guy must be high. He climbs on top of a marked Sheriff’s SUV, presumably in front of the deputy’s home, and just starts jamming away. It looks like he has a few moments of conversation with an imaginary friend, as well. Either he is impaired, or has a major mental health issue: there is no rational explanation for this behavior! Enjoy, courtesy Lee County Sheriff’s YouTube channel:

Man Jailed 6 Months for Too-Loud Sex

An Italian man was sentenced to six months in jail for engaging in sex with his girlfriend that was so loud it generated complaints from a dozen neighbors. Authorities found the 42-year-old from Vigodarzere, Padua to be a nuisance, and put him on trial for stalking. Stalking must have a wildly different definition than in Florida, or maybe it was the translation (or not). Here, a pattern of harassment can be considered stalking, but it must be “directed at a specific person”. Generally, public nuisance charges are not criminal, require repeated nuisance, and are only subject to a fine.

Approximation of the Offending Act (From When Harry Met Sally)

Approximation of the Offending Act (From When Harry Met Sally)

The man argued in his defense, that he was just a good lover. Apparently the noises were primarily coming from his girlfriend. I don’t think this guy should have been locked up, but he is going to get a lot of jail mail from admirers: he won’t have any trouble getting a date when he gets out!

Looking at the NY Daily News article, it appears that the charge might be more akin to Florida’s Breach of the Peace / Disorderly Conduct charge. That still wouldn’t hold up, as vocal screaming likely would be protected “speech” in this country. I have seen someone charged with Breach of Peace for playing a radio too loud, though I doubt the propriety of that charge. Also, he wasn’t the one screaming, so HE did not commit acts to disturb the peace, the girlfriend was the one making the noise. Silly Italians, this does nothing to bolster my faith in the Italian judicial system.

Free the guy- he’s a lover, not a fighter! He plans to appeal. #sexcrime