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Off-duty Deputy Fixes up Hoop for Neighborhood Kids


Deputy Cox, via LCSO Facebook

LCSO Deputy Cox noticed that the basketball hoop where some small kids on his beat liked to play was in disrepair. On his own time, he found an old hoop, fixed it up for the kids, and even got them a new net! Great work deputy- always nice to share some good news of cops going above and beyond the normal duty!


Shaq is a Cop Again

Shaq. Apparently he played basketball, too

Shaq. Apparently he played basketball, too

Shaquille O’Neal, former NBA basketball player and move genie, is revisiting his love of law enforcement. He recently got a gig as a reserve officer for the Doral, FL, Police Department. As a reserve officer, O’Neal won’t be paid, or go on any SWAT runs (unlike Chuck Norris… Does Doral PD have an MRAP?), but he will speak to kids at events and that sort of thing. And he’ll get a uniform and badge, which I am sure is his primary interest in joining up with another police force! I think it’s great that he’s supporting law enforcement, and showing a positive influence for kids in the community. Keep it up, Shaq!

Happy Friday!

via NY blogs: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2014/09/shaq_flouts_dorals_smoking_ban_gets_cop_job_despite_hookah_habit.php