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Attorneys charged with planting drugs to frame school volunteer

The article from the ABA Journal speaks for itself: “Husband and Wife Attorneys Charged in ‘Bizarre’ Claimed Conspiracy to Get School Volunteer Arrested.”  I’ve always said that one of the hardest crimes to prove, and one of the toughest defenses to use, is being set-up.  It was exceptional on the part of police to painstakingly listen to the volunteer’s story that she didn’t know about the drugs, and to walk it back to the people who allegedly planted them.  The evidence sounds pretty damning.  This happened a few months ago, and I only heard about it recently due to the lawsuit the school volunteer has filed.  This is incredible, even before the fact that the alleged conspirators were attorneys from prestigious law schools.

Jill and Kent Easter

Bonus, the mom wrote a book about pulling of the perfect crime.  This story is worth watching.

Update: more from the LA Times