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Friday Fun- Robber Attempts to Stick-Up 7-11 Convenience Store with only his Finger

7-Eleven attempted robbery 3It’s like something out of a movie. A Cohen Brothers movie!

A few days ago, a young man walked into a Bonita Springs 7-11 with a shirt wrapped around his face. He wanted to hold the place up, but didn’t have a weapon, and tried to use his finger to scare the clerks. Maybe he meant to put it in his pocket, but whatever the case, he 7-Eleven attempted robbery 1wasn’t too scary because they could see that all he had was a finger that he was waving around! He didn’t get any money, but trying to rob a store is still a crime and deputies are still on the lookout for the attempted robber!

7-Eleven attempted robbery 2


Yousel Rivera Guilty in Cape Cop Shooting

Yousel Rivera

Yousel Rivera

The jury deliberated just 90 minutes, according to @sara_miles of NBC-2 before find Yousel Rivera guilty as charged for Attempted First Degree Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer. Sentencing is set for next month, but there’s no drama. By statute, he must be sentenced to life in prison without parole, See F.S. 782.065. In Florida, if you kill a cop, or try to kill a cop, you never get out again.