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Buzzfeed Collected Some More Amazing Mug Shots

cops show up mugWe’ve seen some of them before on Crimcourts, but there are a few new ones here that warrant a giggle, from Buzzfeed.


The Cop Who Arrested Bengal Sam Montgomery Was Fired

Bengals Defensive Lineman Sam Montgomery was arrested a couple months back in South Carolina; his only offense speeding. As we’ve discussed before on Crimcourts, that’s not enough for a criminal charge in Florida, as when Dodger Yasiel Puig was arrested for high speed on Alligator Alley. However, speeding alone can bring a reckless driving charge in Virginia, and that will land you in a jail for a few days, if you get popped in a town that’s far enough away from civilization. Apparently, arrest for speed is within an officer’s discretion in South Carolina… and that’s not what got the trooper in hot water.

Sam Madison Arrest Video

Sam Montgomery Arrest Video

The trooper ended up losing his job for unprofessionalism. The video is jarring. He asked Montgomery if he was military, and when Montgomery responded that he was in the NFL. As soon as Madison told him that he played football, he put him under arrest, apparently the fact that he plays in the NFL made him more arrestable. It actually goes down from there, as the trooper pulls out his taser and threatens to use it on Montgomery. Montgomery, to his credit, is nothing but polite with the trooper.

I don’t think Montgomery got arrested for being in the NFL; I think the cop just had a personal policy for arresting people, as he says, “25 over, you get arrested.” I don’t think he needed to threaten a Taser: Madison was as compliant as anyone I’ve ever seen stopped. And while the officer has the discretion to arrest, it should only be reserved for special circumstances, not mere speed (perhaps extreme speed, or someone who doesn’t have their license or ID on them). An arrest escalates the tension of the encounter. It is substantially more taxing on resources, as it involves jail personnel, booking, and it takes the trooper off of his patrol probably at least a few hours each arrest. All over a $300 ticket. It’s not necessary to arrest someone for a misdemeanor more of the time, much less for a simple ticket.

Also, I’m biased. I’m a Bengals fan… though Montgomery is not projected to end up making the team.

Senior Citizen Arrested for Blocking Traffic to Get a Parking Spot #swfl

Carmen Torockiowas

Carmen Torockio

The gray menace continues its scourge in Southwest Florida. Yesterday at Bonita Beach park, 72-year-old Carmen Torockio was fed up with not being able to find a parking spot. He stopped his car in the lane of travel, backing up traffic. A deputy Came up and told him to move his vehicle, but he refused. After parking, the Deputy moved  in and told Torockio that he would be placed under arrest, but he continued to refuse to comply. He was booked into the Lee County Jail on misdemeanor charges.

Thank goodness that guy is off the streets. I doubt he’ll be so disrespectful to a deputy in the future. I mean, sure, it costs us money every time they book someone in jail, but I’m sure a ticket would not have sufficed. He might possibly could have been a dangerous individual You can’t be too safe when the Gray Menace are on the prowl…

Correction: the earlier version spelled the defendant’s name incorrectly “Torockiowas”, as it was written at one place in the NBC story.

Criminal Charges Against Yasiel Puig Dropped

Puig Arrest

Puig Arrest

The State Attorney’s Office in Collier County has announced they are not proceeding on the criminal Reckless Driving Charge. He still faces a speeding ticket, which is a civil infraction, for allegedly going 110 in a 70 mph zone on the Alligator Alley. Crimcourts previously declared that charges would not hold up in court, as the state must prove more than speeding to show the willful and wanton element of reckless driving. There is a link to the video of the incident on our earlier post.