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DUI on a Segway, It Happened in Florida

Andy Sigears was arrested last week for driving a Segway under the influence in Davenport, Florida. He was driving it right down a road, just down from where a Sheriff’s substation is located. Deputies say he was swerving, unsteady, and … Continue reading

Amish Buggy Drinking and Driving Case Ends in Flight

So… a deputy in rural Ohio noticed an Amish buggy rolling down the street, and spotted a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra on the back, so he decided to pull it over. The occupants of the buggy ran off into the … Continue reading

Underwear-clad Florida Man rolls around parking lot in an Office Chair

Deputies were called out to a parking lot in Bonita Springs for a naked man… and arrived to find him rolling around in an office chair. He had on nothing but underwear and shoes. The man appeared to be drunk … Continue reading

DUI on a Golf Cart, and the Suspect Growled at Cops, and much, much more

Parks Terry, of St. Louis, Missouri, got WAY out of control on his recent Florida Keys vacation. It started out pretty typically: he had too much to drink and passed out in his vehicle. Being that he was on vacation … Continue reading

DUI on a Lawnmower in Port St. Lucie

Another Florida moment- a Port St. Lucie man was arrested for DUI on a lawnmower. Kenneth Alleshouse, 56, was driving erratically on an access road where he was spotted by deputies. My favorite part is that he was using his … Continue reading

It Happened! DUI on a Motorized Wheelchair

Ronny Hicks, a man from Palm Bay, Florida, was arrested this week and charged with driving under the influence… while he was riding on an electric wheelchair. We have covered a lot of Weird DUI cases here on Crimcourts, from … Continue reading

Drunken Scotsman Stopped for DUI on a Bouncy Ball

Well, we could have put to rest the #weirddui hashtag and category if this one had panned out. Authorities in Scotland stopped a man bouncing a “Space Hopper”, one of those big bouncy balls with “wee handles” down the street … Continue reading

Punta Gorda Man Arrested for DUI on a Lawn Mower

Deputies allege that Kenneth L. Smith, a 58 year old from Punta Gorda, was driving his riding tractor (an Ariens) along the side of US 41 in Charlotte County while impaired. We’ve seen the DUI on a lawn mower before, … Continue reading