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Spider-Man Showed up to Court in Costume

We’ve covered some of the Times Square character antics… too many times the people dressed up and taking photographs for tips have gotten into altercations with tourists, and even with each, when turf arguments arise. Another Spidey got arrested a … Continue reading

So, Spider-Man Got in Another Fight in Times Square (video)

This is the third Spider-Man fight we’ve covered in NYC/Times Square. So far, no charges have been filed in this one, as Spidey was apparently defending other costumed characters from a racist heckler. Apparently this was a different Spider-Man than … Continue reading

Spider-Man Arrested Again: This Time Batman is Busted, Too

More shenanigans from the Times Square performers in New York City. We covered the story a few weeks back when Spider-Man got in a fight with cops. Now he and Batman got in a fight with a heckler, and all … Continue reading

Elmo Shocked! Video Update on Spider-Man Arrest

The New York Post has posted video footage (cell-phone) of Spider-Man’s arrest and violent resisting on YouTube. You can see what preceded the video, prior to the arrest, but you can clearly see Spidey taking swings at the cops. You … Continue reading

Spider-Man Arrested In New York

The Daily Bugle must have a great headline. Spider-Man was arrested for resisting arrest, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and assault on a law enforcement officer. Spider-Man hasn’t had enough super villains of late, because he was hanging around Time Square, … Continue reading

Elmo Busted! Another Character Caught in NYC Crackdown

The other day it was Batman, and Spider-Man again. You can’t go anywhere without having to worry about a furry fiend! Today Elmo was booked for aggressive solicitation in Times Square. NYPD officers had previously been giving warnings for solicitation … Continue reading