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Trey Radel pens CNN Op-Ed Regarding Harsh Minimum Mandatory Sentences

Former SWFL Congressman Trey Radel, who has been keeping a low profile since stepping down form his elected position after a drug arrest, has recently stepped back into the spotlight for the specific purpose of addressing the harsh sentences for nonviolent … Continue reading

Criticism of Minimum Mandatory Sentences Continues to Grow

I have discussed some of the issues with minimum mandatory sentences here on Crimcourts a few times; from inequities in sentencing, to the ridiculousness of a man facing a mandatory 15-year sentence for having sex on the beach (though the … Continue reading

Bill Clinton Admits Error on Overreaching Mandatory Prison Sentences

You won’t find me agreeing with Bill Clinton on a lot of things, but he has come out today to speak out against the harsh sentencing policies that he helped put in place when he was president. I have written many … Continue reading

Senator Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Mandatory Sentences for Marijuana

Conservative Senator Rand Paul joined the growing, vocal opposition to mandatory imprisonment for certain drug offenses. In a recent interview, he pointed out that our last two presidents could have faced incarceration for their youthful indiscretions, and said that he doesn’t … Continue reading

Florida May Dial Back Some Mandatory Drug Sentences

I just filed a post on how Florida could learn a lesson from California’s recent decision to reexamine some of its harsh minimum mandatory sentences. Well, somebody in Tallahassee has been thinking along the same lines, and making progress, as a bill … Continue reading

Commentary on Juvenile Mandatory sentence rulings

I just wanted to share this article from Erwin Chemerinsky on the Supreme Court decisions regarding life sentences for juveniles.  I’ve discussed the topic in this space before.  Nothing earth shattering, but worth a read as a nice distillation of the direction … Continue reading

A look at harsh mandatory sentences

A Reuters story made the rounds on Facebook a few days ago, and I wanted to share it here. Quantarius Davis was involved in a series of armed robberies, and was sentenced in Federal court to almost 162 years- effectively a life … Continue reading

Supreme Court rules against automatic mandatory life sentences for juveniles

The Supreme Court issued several important rulings today, but the one that most impacts criminal law is the decision that bars mandatory life without parole for minors.  This decision is not a surprise, as it’s in line with other recent … Continue reading

Watch out for this Femme Fatale

Mayira Okheda-Garsia may not look the part, but this femme fatale has been charged with masterminding an armed robbery plot against her ex-boyfriend in Collier County. The victim said that Okheda and three masked, armed men busted through his sliding … Continue reading

Love-triangle Murder Case Results in Conviction and Life Sentence for Wife, after Claims of Threesomes and Alligators

  Mike Williams body was never found after his friend told police that he had drowned in a lake while they were duck hunting back in 2000. At they time, they assumed his body had been eaten by alligators, but … Continue reading