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Angela Corey Voted Out

Congratulations to new 4th Circuit State Attorney Melissa Nelson, who unseated Jacksonville area State Attorney Angela Corey. It is rare to defeat an incumbent prosecutor in Florida, but Corey earned extremely negative support due to her controversial prosecutions of George Zimmerman, Melissa … Continue reading


The National Review has taken a shot at Angela Corey. This opinion piece ran today online, detailing more of her past transgressions. The gall to call Harvard to try to get Alan Dershowitz fired is pretty spectacular. The fact that … Continue reading

Issues Mount for Angela Corey, the George Zimmerman Prosecutor

She’s being criticized all over for losing the prosecution of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin, and problems continue to mount for prosecutor Angela Corey. We covered the news that she fired the whistleblower employee , Ben Kruibdos, who revealed … Continue reading

George Zimmerman’s Prosecutor, Angela Corey, Fired the Whistleblower Tech

The progress of the case against George Zimmerman was particularly contentious. Defense attorneys frequently complained of questionable tactics by┬áthe State in their preparation of the case. Their complaints were realized to be justified when it was revealed that the prosecutors’s … Continue reading

Angela Corey to Personally Prosecute Michael Dunn Shooting

Michael Dunn has been accused of murder for shooting at a car full of teenagers, killing 17 year-old Jordan Davis. The alleged victim’s friends say Mr. Dunn became enraged and shot them because they were playing music too loudly, while … Continue reading

Jeff Ashton Got Voted Out, Too

Jeff Ashton, State Attorney for Orange and Osceolo Couties was voted out this week after serving one term. Ashton is best known for the trial he lost… he was one of the prosecutors on the Casey Anthony case that ended … Continue reading

When Can Juveniles Be Tried as Adults in Florida?

Recently, Crimcourts covered the 9-month-old in Pakistan charged with attempted murder. That got me thinking about the rules in Florida, and how old someone has to be to be tried as an adult, as there have been some high-profile cases … Continue reading

A Twist in the Marissa Alexander Case

I haven’t been able to cover the Marissa Alexander case much on this blog. For those unfamiliar, Ms. Alexander was convicted and sentenced to 20 years for Aggravated Assault for firing what she claimed was a warning shot in the … Continue reading

Michael Dunn’s Murder Trial is Under Way

After three days of jury selection, opening statements were today in the first degree murder trial of Michael Dunn. It’s being referred to as the Loud Music Murder, as Dunn’s complaint about loud music being played by the alleged victim, … Continue reading

The Zimmerman Prosecution Cost Almost $1,000,000

The estimation released yesterday by the Orlando Sun Sentinel puts the number at over $900,000, but that doesn’t include costs incurred by Special Prosecutor Angela’s Corey’s office. An advance to her office as already tallied $80,000. Nor does that number … Continue reading