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Paul Bergrin Given 6 Life Sentences

Been busy around these parts, and haven’t gotten to keep up on the blog, but this warranted a note. Paul Bergrin, former prosecutor and high-profile defense attorney, was sentenced to life in prison earlier today. Specifically, he was given concurrent … Continue reading

Paul Bergrin Sentencing Set for Monday

His motions for a new trial have been denied, and Paul Bergrin’s sentencing is set for Monday. He faces up to life in prison for his numerous convictions. Apparently, there will be a request to continue the sentencing on another … Continue reading

Paul Bergrin Guilty on All Counts

The verdict is in, and Attorney Paul Bergrin has been convicted of all 23 counts he was facing, including murder, racketeering, and promoting prostitution. Bergrin, a former prosecutor and later hotshot defense attorney, represented himself at trial. He previously got … Continue reading

Paul Bergrin Prosecution Rests, Defense Case Begins Today

The government has rested their case, after more than six weeks of testimony and more than fifty witnesses against Paul Bergrin. Mr. Bergrin, who had been a successful trial attorney prior to his charges, is defending himself against dozens of counts … Continue reading

Accused killer-attorney accuses prosecutors of malfeasance: Paul Bergrin update

Paul Bergrin’s  attorneys recently filed a letter to the the judge  requesting a hearing on their claim accusing the government of leaning on witness to coerce them to testify positively against him.  He represented himself months ago in his first … Continue reading

Sarasota Police try to Charge an Attorney Defending Her Client

Sarasota defense attorney, and friend of the firm, Varinia Van Ness had criminal charges sought by the Sarasota Police against her for her representation of her client. The mere fact that officers would even consider trying to charge a defense … Continue reading

Paul Bergerin Trial Underway

New Jersey attorney Paul Bergrin’s second trial for murder, plus racketeering and other charges, is underway. Mr. Bergrin continues to represent himself, and vehemently denied the charges in his opening statement. The prosecutor had gotten the new judge on the case to … Continue reading

Police: Woman Arrested For Spreading Facebook Photos Of Undercover Cop

  Police: Woman Arrested For Spreading Facebook Photos Of Undercover Cop.  This is fascinating… Apparently Melissa Walthall has been charged with ‘Retaliation’ for posting the Facebook photo of an undercover officer that testified against her friend.  My gut instinct is that publishing … Continue reading