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Fort Myers Pays Nate Allen $440,000 for Wrongful Arrest

The city council yesterday finalized a settlement of nearly a half-a-million dollars for NFL player Nate Allen for his wrongful arrest. (While he was detained, and ultimately released without a formal arrest, it was easily a ‘de facto arrest’ due … Continue reading

Fort Myers Still Hasn’t Done Anything About the Nate Allen Fiasco

Almost 3 months have gone by since the erroneous detention of NFL player Nate Allen. Allen and his attorneys spoke at city council in February to ask the city to call for an outside investigation. The city expressed an interest, … Continue reading

An External Review Is a Win-Win to Review the Nate Allen Fiasco

FMPD is confident that an internal audit will be sufficient to review the errors that led to Nate Allen being wrongfully detained for more than five hours. However, Allen and his attorneys at the Wilbur Smith Law Firm are asking … Continue reading

More on Nate Allen on Fox 4 News Tonight

I gave them a few comments, reiterating that I think an outside review is a good idea, and how surprised I was that FMPD is still using 1-person show ups. We’ll see if I made the story! UPDATE: Excellent, the … Continue reading

FMPD Doubles Down on Keeping Allen Investigation In House

Wilbur Smith, name partner of the law firm that represents Mr. Allen, sent a formal letter to the city asking for an outside review of policies. This additionally noteworthy as Mr. Smith served as Fort Myers mayor several years back. … Continue reading

What FMPD is not Doing About the Nate Allen Fiasco

FMPD has indicated they will do an audit or internal review of their practices in the wake of the wrongful detention of Nate Allen. Allen and his lawyers have called for an outside investigation into the situation, which Fort Myers … Continue reading

More on the Nate Allen / FMPD Fiasco

The News-Press has additional info up in their continuing online coverage, including raw video from the press conference, and a transcript of FMPD’s interview with Mr. Allen. I am disheartened that the time log shows that Mr. Allen was not … Continue reading

Nate Allen Exonerated : Another Failed Eyewitness Identification : UPDATE

Local NFL player Nate Allen was detained for several hours last week, and it was falsely alleged that he had improperly exposed himself driving down US 41. Fortunately, the Fort Myers Police Department figured out that they had a problem, and released … Continue reading

A Tribute to Fallen Sgt. Michael Wilson

The processional memorial in Charlotte County today was moving. My friend, Christy Feinberg, wrote a tribute for the Sun-Herald that is particularly moving. You can read her sentiments here:

NYPD’s Stop and Frisk Practice Challenged in Class-Action Suit

Right now the NYPD is on trial for civil rights violations for their stop and frisk policies. The question at trial is whether the police department unfairly targeted minorities for unlawful detentions and searches. Under the Constitution, we are protected … Continue reading