Charlotte County Man Arrested after Filming Cops, Harrassing Witnesses

Ian McGuire

Charlotte County Deputies served a warrant today on Ian McGuire, accusing him of three counts of Harassing a Witness, two counts of Obstruction of Justice, and Breach of the Peace. McGuire showed up at an investigation in April and started filming deputies who were searching a warrant. They’d have a hard time charging him with anything related to that, due to his First Amendment protections. However, he took it a step farther by stepping into the crime scene area, arguing with Deputies, and allegedly mocking witnesses that were speaking to deputies. He has a First Amendment right to film public interactions, but he may have crossed the line if his words or actions interfered with the deputies’ lawful investigations (they were responding to a report of an aggravated battery). McGuire posted a 19 minute video of the incident, online. McGuire has previously been in the news for his activism.

One response to “Charlotte County Man Arrested after Filming Cops, Harrassing Witnesses

  1. Ian a concerned citizen

    I’ve watched the persecution of this guy on YouTube for the last several months. It doesn’t take a law degree to realize that he is being retaliated against by the police due to the fact he is exposing them on his channel. I get that he makes people and civil servants feel uncomfortable by his actions, but railroading a guy for constitutionally protected activities should send a chill down the spines of all citizens. Thanks for perpetuating the view that southerners are ignorant and intolerant.

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