Driver Demonstrates his Sobriety by Juggling

A college student was pulled over the other night and he was eager to show officers that he was not impaired. He told them not only was he an amateur magician, but that he’s also a juggler. He proceeded to demonstrate his skills, alleviating any concerns the officers may have, and getting it all on camera.

This reminds me of a local DUI a few years ago. I didn’t work on it, but the prosecutor who was handling it told me about it. He thought he had a great case, the girl gets out of her car and starts dancing around. Apparently, she tried to demonstrate her sobriety by performing a few ballet moves. I told the prosecutor the case was not as strong as he thought it was. Apparently, the jury agreed, and were impressed by the young lady’s ability to to plie and pirouette, as they found her not guilty.


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