Governor Rick Scott wants to Raise Law Enforcement Pay

Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott announced this week that he is seeking a budget allocation to increase the pay of correctional officers and probation officers. These officers are surprisingly underpaid, starting at under $30,000, which has made it difficult to fill positions and retain officers. The State doesn’t even provide a firearm to probation officers that have to go out in the field to visit felons.

A few weeks ago he also announced that he is seeking a raise for state law enforcement officers, including FHP troopers, as well as FDLE, FWC and other agencies. The requested raise is modest, but probably overdue. I was speaking to some officers in court recently, and was surprised to see troopers leaving FHP to work in local departments, but the financial incentive was just too great. Fair pay is essential for maintaining the quality of our law enforcement officers.

The pay raises will still have to be discussed during the upcoming budget negotiations, and are far from a done deal. Not only is there concern of a deficit, Governor Scott is hoping to cut the budget by over $600 million. Some tough decisions will have to be made, but the law enforcement and corrections raises need to come sooner than later.

2 responses to “Governor Rick Scott wants to Raise Law Enforcement Pay

  1. I think they are rather over paid regarding what they have to do to get the job – a teacher or nurse goes to college and not even come close to getting what a GED or Diploma graduated Police person gets.
    It says nothing about psychological evaluations regarding anger management and stress management.

    Florida Police Officer Requirements
    The Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission, working under the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, oversees the training procedures and certification of police officers in the state. According to the Commission, there are four steps to becoming a police officer in Florida:
    1. Meet the minimum qualifications
    2. Complete the required training
    3. Pass the State Officer Certification Exam (SOCE)
    4. Become employed as a sworn officer

    Although certain counties may have additional requirements, these are the basic requirements for becoming a police officer in Florida as stipulated by the Criminal Justice Standards & Training:
    Nationality, Age, and Education

    The basic requirements for entering the Florida Police Training Academy are that candidates must:
    Be a US citizen, by birth or naturalization
    Be at least 19 years old
    Be a high school graduate or hold a GED certificate
    Hold a bachelor’s degree (if looking to work as a correctional probation officer)

    Police and Sheriff Patrol Officer Salary in Florida

    City Number Employed Average Annual Salary
    Cape Coral- Fort Myers 800 $49,970
    Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach 14,210 $71,100
    Tallahassee 1020 $48,590

    Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2014.

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