Jeff Ashton Got Voted Out, Too

Jeff Ashton, State Attorney for Orange and Osceolo Couties was voted out this week after serving one term. Ashton is best known for the trial he lost… he was one of the prosecutors on the Casey Anthony case that ended in acquittal. However, the name recognition he gained from that helped propel him to unseat the previous prosecutor. He also gained some notoriety when he was outed for signing up for the Ashley Madison website, after their security breach.

He was defeated by Aramis Ayala, who has never held office, but worked for him for two years. Ayala was apparently elected with monetary support that was traced to George Soros: why he would be interested in this race is beyond me. Ayala is likely to with the general election and take over as State Attorney.

It has been a bad week for controversial prosecutors in Florida… and that’s probably a good thing.

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