Sadly, the ‘Homeless Couple Living Above Walmart’ Story is Untrue

Not a Real Couple

Not a Real Couple

A fake news story, accompanied by a couple of spectacular mug shots, has been circulating on social media and Reddit for a couple of days, but unfortunately it appears to be made up. Supposedly, a homeless couple was living in a Tennessee Walmart attic, outfitted with all the amenities of the store below. Web-truth heroes at Snopes found no truth to the story, though they located at least one of the mug shots on The Smoking Gun. I’m all for pretend stories, love the Onion, but it’s too bad this website doesn’t tip off that the story is fiction. The guys’ mug shot is probably real, too, but we don’t know who he is.

wilbert thomas mug

Wilbert Thomas

Ironically, the story uses the name Wilbert Thomas, and there happens to be an actual criminal named Wilbert Thomas with his own epic mug shot. The real Wilbert Thomas is a horrible person, a registered sex-offender who killed a nice lady– a retired teacher- after skpping out on his sex-offender registration. He was given life in prison for the murder, and in the words of the judge, Mr. Thomas is “an extreme risk to our society,” who should, “never be eligible to be out in the community again.”

wilbert thomas2

Wilbert Thomas


Wilbert Thomas at court on his murder charges. The “Turtle Suit” indicates he is a risk, probably for mental health reasons



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