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The NEW Worst Place to Hide Your Drugs

Crime Photo from Mexican Federal Police

Crime Photo from Mexican Federal Police

Mexican authorities were investigating an accident, when they discovered 55 pounds of packets that appear to be cocaine… in the dashboard where the passenger airbag should have been. There was a passenger in the vehicle when it crashed, and he did not survive. An Airbag might have helped.

It’s possible that had there been an airbag, the passenger still might not have survived. The driver’s airbag did deploy, bu the was also killed due to his injuries. However, I stand by my thesis that it’s a bad idea to put drugs in place of your airbag.

Don’t do drugs.

Clearwater Man Tries to Tunnel out of his Jail Cell

Authorities in Clearwater got a tip that a Pinellas County inmate, Scott Lambert, was trying to dig out of his jail cell. When they searched, they found that he had in fact started a hole under his bunk, though it was only 6 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. He was quite a way from Shawshanking out of there like Andy Dufresne.