Fort Myers Officer Quits amid on-duty Affair Allegation

Still catching up to some additional news from last week… FMPD officer Oscar Basora Jr. resigned from his job after reports that he was spending time with a woman when he was supposed to be on duty. Noemi Jiminez claimed he came over to her house for relations while he was on duty, sometimes leaving his rookie trainee in his vehicle, and even having sex in a patrol car. Basora fought the termination, admitting that he was seeing the woman, but he denied spending time with her on duty, other than to drop off breakfast.

The plot thickened this week when another former FMPD officer, Joe Martinez, claimed that Jiminez also got him fired a few years ago. Martinez says that he also had a relationship with her, and that when he broke things off, she accused him of strangling her. He was arrested and fired, but the charges were later dropped. Martinez says that he thinks Jiminez got mad because Basora got married, and that’s why she turned on him. Martinez says that he wasn’t the first officer that she has dated, but that he hopes that no more will lose their jobs over her.

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