More Details Emerge in Dr. Sievers’ Murder in Bonita Springs

Curtis Wayne Wright

Curtis Wayne Wright

Apparently the suspects that have been arrested in the murder of Bonita Springs doctor Theresa Sievers have been on the radar of law enforcement for some time. Wink News reports that neighbors of the suspects in Missouri reports that Wayne Wright’s home was raided by SWAT teams back in July, around two weeks after the murder. The home of the other suspect, Jimmy Rodgers, was raided last week.

Jimmy Rodgers,

Jimmy Rodgers, “The Hammer”

The Naples News reports that Rodgers told friends he was going out of town for some business that was going to earn him $10,000… though they spoke to his regular job who indicates he was off work during the time of his trip. The trip coincided with the date of Sievers’ murder. The Naples News also reports that the Sheriff has not revealed a motive, and that the arrest report should be released soon.

Curtis Wayne Wright has not waived extradition, and awaits a hearing in Missouri. Rodgers must await serving his time on a Federal parole violation.

UPDATE: Both suspects were reportedly in Florida.

Full Coverage of the Sievers murder case

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