Cold Case Murder Trial Begins in Fort Myers, as well as a second Murder Trial

Kultar Goraya

Kultar Goraya

Today the trial of Kultar Goraya begins in Fort Myers. The case was cold for seven years, before the assistance of the TV show “Cold Justice” assisted in his being arrested for the murder of his wife. The case was complicated by the fact that the body was never found. He is representing himself today in trial.

Randy Marquardt

Randy Marquardt

Also, the murder trial of Randy Marquardt begins today. Marquardt is accused of killing his neighbor and kidnapping his own estranged wife at gunpoint. She was able to escape and alert authorities. Wink’s Sam Smink is tweeting from that courtroom if you want to follow live.

Both Defendants face possible life behind bars.

Michael Ronga

Michael Ronga

Also, the closing arguments are today in the Federal trial against former LCSO deputy (and FMPD officer) Michael Ronga. Ronga is charged with robbing a man while he was on duty.


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