Man Accused of Sexual Abuse on Tape Acquitted

Richard McDade

Richard McDade

Richard McDade, of Fort Myers, whose accuser said she recorded a sexual assault, was found not guilty today by a jury. The jury is going to be really pissed when they read this, because they never got to hear the recording of the alleged incident. The case went to trial previously, and McDade was convicted when the  jury heard the surreptitious recording by the accuser. However, the Florida Supreme Court threw out the convictions, saying that the recording was illegal, and ordered a new trial. Without the recording, there was no evidence to corroborate the allegation, and McDade was acquitted.

There will not be another appeal, double jeopardy prevents him from being tried again for the offense, now that he has been acquitted. The legislature has since changed the law to allow such recordings to be introduced in future cases, though it has yet to be signed by the governor.

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