Former Lee Deputy Arrested on Federal Charges

Michael Rong Jail Video

Michael Ronga Jail Video

Former LCSO Deputy Michael Ronga had been Federally indicted, charged with a civil rights violation and obstruction of justice. He allegedly agreed to give someone a ride, but drove them to a secluded area, and robbed them. He is out on a $50,000 bond.

He was previously charged with robbery for this incident in state court. That charge was ultimately dropped, and sources tell me the State had difficulty procuring the victim to testify. The accuser is of Spanish descent, and may have citizenship issues. It will be easier for the Federal government to overcome these hurdles than the State. He now faces 30 years in prison for his current charges.

If recollection serves, Ronga worked at FMPD for a while before joining LCSO, but I don’t know what the circumstances of his departure was.

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