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US DOJ Announces Policy Change on Seizures, Limits Sharing with Local Cops

US Attorney General has announced that the Department of Justice will stop allowing local and state police from using Federal law to conduct seizures and forfeitures of property. More than $3 billion in property have been seized since 2008 in a program known as equitable sharing. According to the Washington Post: A Justice official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss the attorney general’s motivation, said Holder “also believes that the new policy will eliminate any possibility that the adoption process might unintentionally incentivize unnecessary stops and seizures.”

Agencies are still allowed to seek forfeitures under State laws. Florida has pretty broad forfeiture statutes. Florida authorities have and will continue to seize property, even after warrantless searches where no drugs or contraband are found. This just means the Federal Government decided to stop assisting and encouraging these and other local authorities.

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Police Action in North Fort Myers [Update]


You may have noticed the 8 police cars along 41 in North Fort Myers tonight. Witnesses tell crimcourts that officers stopped a vehicle next to rib City, and one or more occupants took off running. One of the suspects ducked into the restaurant, and deputies were concerned that she the man, who was wearing a dress, may have flushed something. Diners were shocked when s/he was tackled exiting the front of the restaurant. My cousin visitng from up north was impressed that we got dinner AND a show!

Update: I didn’t get a good luck at the suspect, but the staff heard that it may have been a male, though wearing a dress.

Check Out the Typo on these Rugs for the Pinellas Sheriff’s Office

Rugs at the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Rugs at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

The misprint on the rug reads “In Dog We Trust”. We do trust in dog.

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Man’s Shirt Proclaims that he has Drugs, He is Arrested for Drug Possession

John Balmer and his Shirt

John Balmer and his Shirt

Florida Man John Balmer was in line in a Pasco County KMART when he saw a deputy walk in. He not-so-discreetly tried to hand a bag of drugs to the person in line behind him, who declined to take it. He put it on the ground and paid for his items. A clerk saw it and alerted the deputy. When they arrested him, they noted that his shirt says, “WHO NEEDS DRUGS. No, seriously, I have drugs.

What appeared to be  joke shirt, was not a joke at all. I can’t tell if he was charged with possession with intent, but with an advertisement for drugs prominently displayed on his shirt, deputies probably could have enhanced his charges. I don’t know if such an advertisement would give deputies reasonable suspicion to search somebody wearing that shirt, but in this case they didn’t have to. He abandoned the drugs to remove any 4th Amendment concerns for the searching officers.

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Drunken Scotsman Stopped for DUI on a Bouncy Ball

A Space Hopper

A Space Hopper

Well, we could have put to rest the #weirddui hashtag and category if this one had panned out. Authorities in Scotland stopped a man bouncing a “Space Hopper”, one of those big bouncy balls with “wee handles” down the street in a busy tunnel. We have covered some weird DUIs on this blog before, but this one would have taken the cake if the man had been charged. However, after stopping the man, authorities decided that no action would be taken. Perhaps Space Hoppers don’t meet the Scottish definition of “vehicle” to qualify for a DUI. Ironically, it would probably fit Florida’s broad definition of vehicle. So kids, don’t drink and drive bouncy balls!

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