Man’s Shirt Proclaims that he has Drugs, He is Arrested for Drug Possession

John Balmer and his Shirt

John Balmer and his Shirt

Florida Man John Balmer was in line in a Pasco County KMART when he saw a deputy walk in. He not-so-discreetly tried to hand a bag of drugs to the person in line behind him, who declined to take it. He put it on the ground and paid for his items. A clerk saw it and alerted the deputy. When they arrested him, they noted that his shirt says, “WHO NEEDS DRUGS. No, seriously, I have drugs.

What appeared to be  joke shirt, was not a joke at all. I can’t tell if he was charged with possession with intent, but with an advertisement for drugs prominently displayed on his shirt, deputies probably could have enhanced his charges. I don’t know if such an advertisement would give deputies reasonable suspicion to search somebody wearing that shirt, but in this case they didn’t have to. He abandoned the drugs to remove any 4th Amendment concerns for the searching officers.

via Concourse.

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