Weirdest Battery Yet, Attack with a McChicken Sandwich

Marvin Hill Mug Shot

Marvin Hill Mug Shot

Ok, in fact, a McChicken Sandwich is not the weirdest implement I have ever heard of. Having been a criminal law practitioner for over a decade now, I have heard some pretty weird ones, and I’ve only been documenting them since I started blogging last year. The worst one that springs to mind was the guy who threw his wife/girlfriend on a bad and started squirting ketchup and mustard all over her. You deal with some messed up stuff in criminal court.

But Tuesday, the McChicken incident happened. Marvin Tremaine Hill, in Des Moines, Iowa lost it over a sandwich. Apparently his wife woke him up to see if he wanted a McChicken sandwich, at which point he became enraged and proceeded to smash said McChicken in her face. He denies attacking her. Burneko at Foodspin has a great take on this.

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