Spider-Man Arrested Again: This Time Batman is Busted, Too

Clip from footage of Spidey's earlier bust

Clip from footage of Spidey’s earlier bust

More shenanigans from the Times Square performers in New York City. We covered the story a few weeks back when Spider-Man got in a fight with cops. Now he and Batman got in a fight with a heckler, and all three went to jail. Our costumed crusaders are now facing assault charges. New York City is contemplating making street performers register with the city, before they go out and beat people up. Ya think?

2 responses to “Spider-Man Arrested Again: This Time Batman is Busted, Too

  1. Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:
    Using an excerpt or image from Marvel Comics or a Disney tale without permission is grounds for copyright infringement but throwing on a costume of one of their characters is not? Confused? I am. Yet, from what I understand, anyone can put on a costume and peruse Times Square. I don’t get it, however, it is no secret that New York City would regulate a squirrel if they could.

    • Wearing the character’s costume is almost certainly a violation of copyright; but they don’t seem to pursue them. If these characters keep causing trouble, that might give the studios or copyright holders the incentive to crack down on unlicensed use of their intellectual property. I expect that NYC will be starting some regulation for street performers

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