Cincinnati Judge Tracie Hunter’s Criminal Trial Starts Today

Judge Tracie Hunter

Judge Tracie Hunter

Hunter, who was serving as a juvenile judge until she was suspended after her criminal charges came down, could be facing up to 13 years in prison for the collection of charges she is facing. The charges include evidence tampering, forgery, theft and more. To appreciate the complexity of the case, I recommend the thorough break-down story at

It’s expected to take several weeks. I’ll be watching as closely as I can from Florida, as the witness lists involve several prominent names, and several friends of this blog. Hunter is the rare judge to have major conflicts with both the prosecutor’s and public defender’s offices: special prosecutors Merlyn Shiverdecker and R. Scott Croswell III are handling the prosecution. This could be the trial of the decade in Cincinnati. #badjudge

One response to “Cincinnati Judge Tracie Hunter’s Criminal Trial Starts Today

  1. Spencer, What a zoo! Sylvia was called as a witness for the defendant!!! Not that they would ever have her testify. She feels it was a move by the defense to keep her (and also some other) judges and other prominent people from sitting in the courtroom. (Apparantly witness cannot listen to other testimony. Sylvia is covering a lot of the juvenile court cases now during Hunter’s “leave of absence. there is no way Hunter would want her on the stand to discuss caseload or legal conduct. Did you see that Deters accused Hunter last week of being responsible for 2 deaths because she released one guy who had like 27 convictions!!! It will be interesting–and all at our expense! MOM ‘

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