Justin Bieber Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charges in DUI Arrest Case

Justin Bieber Mug Shot

Justin Bieber Mug Shot

Justin Bieber pled out to lesser charges stemming from his DUI arrest in Miami. According to CNN, he pled to Careless driving, which is a civil infraction, and resisting arrest, which is a misdemeanor. It’s unusual in Florida to plea a case all the way down to a careless, but the DUI case was exceptionally weak. We pointed out some problems on this blog before, but I hadn’t seen that GPS evidence further disproved the cops’ allegation that there was a drag race. The car was slowing down at the time the cop claimed it was racing!

The plea deal includes anger management classes, and a major donation to a youth charity. Biebs avoids a BS DUI, and underprivileged kids get financial help: it’s a win-win plea offer. 

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