Cape Coral Police Face Excessive Force Allegations, Again

Travis Robey Mug Shot

Travis Robey Mug Shot

According to CCPD reports, 20-year-old Travis Robey was intoxicated and sitting in a parking lot when he was approached by officers. He got combative, struck officers, and tried to run away, and during his detention, got roughed up a bit and tased. His behavior sounds pretty outrageous, especially if you consider that at only 20, he wasn’t allowed to be drinking in the first place. Officers say they found marijuana in the vehicle as well.

Now, after some national press and a YouTube video, allegations have come out that officers continued to use force against Robey after her was subdued. Witnesses who happened to be in the area used their phone to record footage, which is not easy to see, due to darkness, that they say was the officers using excessive force, and then threatening the innocent bystanders themselves. Robey’s father says that officers broke Robey’s leg, then made him walk on it and laughed at his injuries. Troubling allegations, to be sure.

The biggest surprise for me was discovering that Georgeann Lytle is still a Cape Police Officer. She was involved in this incident, and has had previous professional complaints, at least one involving excessive force, and another regarding a false detention that led to her demotion. Here’s the irony, even if she was acting properly, her personnel record makes it that mush more likely that Cape Coral will be interested in settling for a monetary settlement. That’s more taxpayer money likely to be spent because the department let a known trouble cop stay on the force.

Robey could be facing more than ten years in prison, for two felonies and a couple more misdemeanors. He is innocent until proven guilty… as are the cops.


2 responses to “Cape Coral Police Face Excessive Force Allegations, Again

  1. The role and duties of a law enforcement officer is one that constantly puts him or her in a position where allegations and complaints can be filled by obvious criminals. Typically the only officers that don’t have complaints against them are ones who do don’t do their jobs. When the media gets wind of one of these ” allegations ” they report it as if it has some merit because the idea of a bad cop gets them better ratings.
    The story should read, criminal attacks officers and received injuries as a lawful arrest occurred. The officers should be thanked for their diligence in locating and removing this criminal from our streets before he attacked another civilian. Because if that would have occurred instead, the headlines would be ” where were the Cops ” .

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