The Dirtiest Trick, Revisited

A few weeks ago, I posted about what I believe to be the dirtiest trick utilized by law enforcement in their poorly-run internet sting operations: using pictures of OLDER decoys to supposedly catch pedophiles. I have personally seen cases where decoys of legal age were used to entice would-be consenting adults. I got an email yesterday that in another sting operation, in Orange County, agents were using images of decoys as old as 25 to entice their targets. I wish I could say that I was surprised. The sad truth is they claim to be chasing pedophiles, but they are using adults to lure people. There’s nothing wrong with meeting a 25-year-old on the internet, it’s the lie they slip in claiming the decoy is much younger that they use to arrest the sucker. While we don’t want adults traveling to meet underage children, our law enforcement resources are being misspent if we are pursuing people who are not actually looking to meet underage partners. The reality is even more harsh, as Florida’s draconian sentencing laws often don’t fit the crime. (See Marissa Alexander re: 10/20/Life)

Here’s a link to the image of the 25-year-old decoy:

Commentors have pointed me to the blog that specifically follows these cases. It’s worth checking and they recently linked to a story out of Tampa by a reporter who really does some journalism and challenges the authorities. Noah Pransky used to work in the Fort Myers market, before moving on to a bigger market. We’ve linked to his stories on before on crimcourts, when he did a great expose on misuse of red light ticketing. Imagine that, the Fourth Estate keeping an eye on government intrusion.

Pransky, who is not on the defense side, unlike the author of this blog, says it perfectly, “Law enforcement may have crossed the line in going after some men who weren’t breaking the law at all.” He continues, “While many of those arrested will ultimately get well-deserved time behind bars, even if a few men were wrongly targeted by officers who were abusing their power, that’s too many victims. Those men will never be able to fully clear their names, even if their found not guilty, which is why we’re fighting for transparency, and your right to know that police aren’t engaging in entrapment.”

That reporting is especially important as the government goes further and further to invade our lives, and to keep secrets from our citizens:

9 responses to “The Dirtiest Trick, Revisited

  1. Not only is the picture of a 25 year old woman, she’s a married 25 year old woman that forget to take off her wedding ring for the photo.

  2. Here is a recommendation for you individuals that truly feel that LAW ENFORCEMENT ENTRAPPED you.

    You need to run your case all the way to jury selection and even trial and force your public defenders (PDs) or private defense attorneys (PDAs) to submit every possible Motion (Suppress, Double Jeopardy, Dismiss, Dismiss L&L, Compel (all evidence, ICAC Investigative and Operational Standards employed in the operation, Sting Operational Plan, copies of the operational briefing, copy of the States MOU with DOJ ICAC Program Manager), etc, etc.) to the Court and make the Prosecutor work his ass off until he offers a good Plea, dismiss or drop charges.

    Many of you have been ENTRAPPED via illegal internet website postings where the Undercover Agents have posted in adult websites and during the conversations, did a ”bait and switch” scenario.

    Ask yourself, ”Who is doing the soliciting, Who is doing the luring and enticement, Who is sending a picture of a minor to whom, Who is lying and posing as an adult, Who is asking you to bring condoms, Who is asking you to travel, Who is ignoring your initial ”No” or ”This is illegal to have sex with a minor” comments and still coercing you to commit, Who is asking you what you would like to do to the minor, Who is making you commit and be descriptive about what you want to do with the minor, Who is asking you for the type of vehicle you are driving, when you are traveling and arriving, Who is calling or texting you back, again, and again, and again, after you do not initially agree to meet them, i.e. the minor or parent of a minor, Who is leading the conversation and bringing up sex with a minor, etc. etc. etc. These are all things that these Undercover Agents are doing which all fall into entrapment – soliciting, luring, enticing, etc. etc. Remember, when you went online to look for an NSA encounter, you did not do this in search of sex with a minor.

    If you are a real sexual predator, then you need to face your punishment and you have been caught and I applaud the ICAC Task Force for catching you. The Courts will clearly decide this. All others, go fight your cases.

    PD and some private defense attorneys (PDA) just don’t want to do all of this work and will recommend against this since they feel that you will get nowhere with it. BS Make them work to support you and if they don’t, dump them. Don’t pay your PDA all the money upfront and don’t agree to a non-refundable amount. Add to the contract how you desire to pay him in Month, Quarterly installments as the case progresses and then the final payment at the end if your case goes to trial.

    If you were told by the Judge that you are prohibited use of the internet, then your defense attorney needs to immediately file a Motion to reverse this decision. This is violating your 1st Amendment Rights and unconstitutional and there is plenty of case law on this. This is the only way that you have available to search for the right attorney and research information to defend yourself with your defense attorney, work, etc. etc.

    It is just sad to keep hearing that PDs and PDAs won’t do the Motions or have recommended against them, see no value in doing this or that Motion, etc. etc. etc. It is your life, and not theirs. This is just too much work for them.

    As these Motions are submitted, the Court is either going to wake up or give in. Remember, both the Prosecutor and the Court as well have to write their
    responses and that is additional work. They will make case law mistakes that
    will work to your benefit during the Appeal Process.

    If you really feel that you were ENTRAPPED by the Undercover Agents assigned to this ICAC Task Force, then don’t throw in the towel but rather, defend yourself and use the legal system to the fullest extent. Force our PD or PDA to write, file, and argue your Motions and make the Prosecutor and Judges have to research and provide justifiable response and decisions.

    Please read this document below on Accardi Doctrine/Principle and give to your PD/PDAs to use in the submission of MTD for Violations of the DoJ ICAC Operational and Investigative Standards and the Task Force’s Operational Plan. Submit a Motion to Compel the Operational Plan and do, with your PD/PDA the work to identify the violations that entrapped you and ensure that these are strongly, individually, addressed in your MTD or Motion to Suppress the chats and investigation documents.

    There is a lot of case law in this document that addresses cases won due to the Accardi Doctrine/Principle.

    Click to access Mason_62-HLJ-559.pdf

    Have them attach this document to your Motions.

    Take your case all the way to jury selection and even trial if the Plea that you are willing to live with is not offered.

    By submitting all of these Motions and having them denied by the Court, you have the right to then Appeal to a higher court. Force the legal system to work for you, not against you. Law Enforcement ENTRAPPED you and they know it and so do the Courts but don’t have the guts to do what is legally right.

  3. Very nice report. It’s nice to know there are others catching on

  4. I need a civil rights attorney PLEASE HELP. I have all the information needed to proceed.

    • I don’t handle civil rights cases (I defend criminal cases), I’ll leave your post up, in case anyone has suggestions for you.

      • I’ve been trying, but they are just not seeing the entire picture here unfortunately. . I’ve already heard back today from Pransky and some other media contacts. It’s stories like this that will make all the difference eventually. Great job

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