Man’s Frozen Meat Escapes Freezer: Caught Before it Could Thaw

  • Frank Levy returned to his North Fort Myers home to discover his meat had gotten out of the freezer.
  • Some items didn’t get off his lanai.
  • Other items made it across the street.

Frank Levy came home and found that some of the food he keeps in a freezer on his lanai had gotten out. Items, including a chicken and a rump roast, didn’t make it far, and were still located on his lanai. Not everything was still on the lanai, and Levy noticed that part of his lanai screen had been cut, and he called LCSO to report the missing meat.

Levy decided to canvass his neighborhood before deputies responded. He was able to track down the rest of his food, which had made it across the street. Levy found a package of ground beef sitting on the porch of his neighbor. He was able to return the ground beef to his own freezer.

Levy tried to talk to his neighbor, Lynda Mcklveen, but she was located unconscious on the porch, with the escaped ground beef lying at her feet. Since she had been incapacitated, she was initially unable to say what the meat had done to knock her out. According to Levy, she was completely unresponsive.

Lynda Mcklveen Mug Shot

Lynda Mcklveen Mug Shot

Later, detectives made contact with Mcklveen, who admitted to her role in liberating the meat. While Mcklveen apparently has a history of alcohol related offenses, there is nothing to suggest a pattern of meat-escape conspiracy. It remains to be seen why she liberated the meat, or why she was found lying  in a chair on er porch with a pack of frozen ground beef thawing at her feet. Crimcourts will continue to update as details become available, as we are the leading authority on freezer-breaks.

The preceding report is based on court documents and reports: : follow the link and scroll down to this story: “N. FORT MYERS, Man finds his food on neighbor’s porch”



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