Very Slow Escape Leads to Tasering of Elderly Robber #graymenace

Russell Cooper

Russell Cooper

Russell Cooper was attempting a getaway from a bank robbery, but was caught in the act. He wasn’t moving very fast, as the 77-year-old walks with the assistance of a walker. He tried to rob robbed the bank upon being told that his account had been closed of lack of funds. He pulled out a small pocketknife and demanded $130, which the bank teller handed over. Cooper then refused to drop the knife when police ordered, and was subsequently tasered and arrested.

Cooper Attempting to Escape

Cooper Attempting to Escape, with Hostage

You have to watch the video on the link. The bank manager is an absolute bad-ass; he doesn’t even flinch. The knife is clear on the video when it is brandished near the counter camera. Cooper is facing life in prison for armed robbery. That scores out to a minimum four year sentence under Florida law, though prosecutors may be willing to do something lesser under these circumstances. He has a second life felony for kidnapping, his combined scoresheet will score about 82 months, provided he doesn’t have a prior record.


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