Karey Woolsey Seeking Commutation of Sentence

  • Woolsey was given 13 years in Federal Prison for Marijuana Trafficking and some related charges
  • There is a change.org petition encouraging his sentence be commuted by the Obama administration

We covered the case of Karey Lee Woolsey when he released an album while serving prison time for marijuana charges, and related witness tampering and money laundering charges. He took a plea and was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison, as opposed to risking even more time if he lost at trial. Woolsey is now hoping that changing attitudes regarding marijuana might convince the current presidential administration that such a lengthy sentence isn’t warranted for marijuana related charges.His mother is running a signature petition on change.org. At this time, Federal law still prohibits any possession of marijuana, so it’s not a case of a change in the laws under which he was sentenced. Still, the president has the power to commute a sentence, and AG Eric Holder has been making moves to reduce sentences for non-violent drug offenders.

Also, it appears Woolsey is releasing a new single for free next week, links for that and the petition are in the News Press story: http://www.news-press.com/story/news/local/cape-coral/2014/04/17/musician-wants-sentence-tune-crime/7804625/

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