Man Jailed 6 Months for Too-Loud Sex

An Italian man was sentenced to six months in jail for engaging in sex with his girlfriend that was so loud it generated complaints from a dozen neighbors. Authorities found the 42-year-old from Vigodarzere, Padua to be a nuisance, and put him on trial for stalking. Stalking must have a wildly different definition than in Florida, or maybe it was the translation (or not). Here, a pattern of harassment can be considered stalking, but it must be “directed at a specific person”. Generally, public nuisance charges are not criminal, require repeated nuisance, and are only subject to a fine.

Approximation of the Offending Act (From When Harry Met Sally)

Approximation of the Offending Act (From When Harry Met Sally)

The man argued in his defense, that he was just a good lover. Apparently the noises were primarily coming from his girlfriend. I don’t think this guy should have been locked up, but he is going to get a lot of jail mail from admirers: he won’t have any trouble getting a date when he gets out!

Looking at the NY Daily News article, it appears that the charge might be more akin to Florida’s Breach of the Peace / Disorderly Conduct charge. That still wouldn’t hold up, as vocal screaming likely would be protected “speech” in this country. I have seen someone charged with Breach of Peace for playing a radio too loud, though I doubt the propriety of that charge. Also, he wasn’t the one screaming, so HE did not commit acts to disturb the peace, the girlfriend was the one making the noise. Silly Italians, this does nothing to bolster my faith in the Italian judicial system.

Free the guy- he’s a lover, not a fighter! He plans to appeal. #sexcrime


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