Disney Defense: Man Freed After 24 Years for Crime He Did Not Commit

Jonathan Fleming: Exonerated

Jonathan Fleming: Exonerated

Many wrongful convictions have been set aside in recent years thanks to advances in technology, such as DNA testing. This is not one of those cases.

Over 24 years ago, Jonathan Fleming was charged with a murder in New York. He professed his innocence, and had an alibi: he was in Florida visiting Disney World when the murder happened. He said that he even had a phone receipt for the phone calls he made from his hotel the night before, in addition to photos and home videos at Disney from around that time. The receipt was in his pocket when he was arrested, but was hidden by the police. The only witness accusing him later said she made up the allegations to avoid going back to jail for her parole violation.

That witness said police pushed her to make up the accusations against Fleming. The phone call receipt has since been located, confirming that police withheld it in the seal to get a conviction. While he has been exonerated, Fleming will never get to relive the 24 and a half years he spent in prison. The law enforcement involved should take a lot of heat for this, but some credit should go to the Conviction Review Unit of the prosecutor’s office, that was willing to take another look and reopen the case. Meanwhile, there are 50 more convictions from the same detective that have been called into question. #badcops



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