Accused Craigslist Killer Claims String of Killings

Miranda Barbour

Miranda Barbour

Female serial killers are extremely rare. The most well known in this country was Aileen Wournos, a Florida killer whose crimes were dramatized in the Charlize Theron film “Monster”. She was convicted of seven murders. Now Miranda Barbour, a 19-year-old woman who is facing murder charges in Pennsylvania has given press interview claiming that she killed at least 22 people. She initially made the claim back in February, but recently gave another interview where she provided some details of four of the alleged killings, including one in Florida. She also claimed that there were two more men she had met on Craigslist that ended up not meeting with her.

Only the Pennsylvania case has been charged so far, though certainly investigators have started to look into her claims. If true, she may be the most prolific female serial killer, and one of the most prolific in history. She seems to have taken the mantle of “Craigslist Killer” from Philip Markoff. She and her husband are both facing charges for the Pennsylvania killing.

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