Dustin Jaye Found Guilty of Murder

Dustin Jaye

Dustin Jaye

After three hours of deliberation today, the jury found Jaye guilty of 1st degree Murder, Burglary, and animal cruelty. Sentencing is set for May 19, but a life sentence is mandatory on a 1st degree murder charge.

Jaye’s defense had argued that uncle Billy Retherford committed the killing, and that Jaye had nothing to do with it. However, witnesses at trial, including Jaye’s own sister, testified that he planned the burglary, and a cellmate from jail testified that he admitted to his role in the burglary, which makes him legally responsible for the murder.

UPDATE: Here’s the follow-up post on the cases, post Deadly Sins coverage: http://wp.me/p2xg12-MN

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