Attempted Murder Over Barq’s Root Beer


Braden Robinson

Braden Robinson

Louisiana man Braden Robinson had filed a bizarre civil claim related to his claim of a stake in the Barq’s Root Beer Company. Not only was Robinson unsuccessful in his multi-million dollar claim, he was ordered to pay $100,00 to the prevailing party. Apparently upset at the decision, Robinson took a man hostage in New Orleans and told the cops to shoot him, until a negotiator talked him down. He was first charged with terroristic threats, then aggravated assault for the incident.

Well, it turns out, that may not have been all he did that day. The victor in court was run down by a pickup truck outside the courthouse. The police initially thought it was just a hit and run, until the victim told them about his history with Robinson. Detectives were able to pull jail calls of Robinson speaking to his wife in code, and later a mechanic reported that Robinson had gotten repairs to his truck similar to the damage from the hit and run case. Robinson has now been charged with attempted murder for the hit and run.

If he could be reached for comment, I’m sure Robinson would say the situation really bites


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