Car Crashes Into the Celtic Ray in Punta Gorda #swfl

Celtic Ray surveillance

Celtic Ray surveillance

The Celtic Ray stayed open through Hurricane Charley, but almost didn’t make it to St. Patrick’s day this year. The night before, when they were hosting a pre-St. Patrick’s party, a vehicle smashed into the front door of the pub, nearly missing several patrons. The car drove off, and witnesses got the license plate. Investigators traced the plate to Jesse Brown, and arrested him at his brother’s house, where the alleged Mustang from the incident was located. They also arrested his brother, Robert Brown, for obstruction of justice. NBC-2 has the video of the impact.

Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown

Leaving the scene of the accident cases can be difficult for prosecutors to prove. It’s one thing to know whose car caused the accident, it’s another thing to prove who was behind the wheel at the time of the accident. I suspect they have major issues with the case against Robert Brown: he has a right not to speak to cops, and not to let them in his house without a warrant. I have seen cops in Charlotte County try to circumvent the warrant requirement before, by arresting the homeowner. That’s not likely to fly in court.

It sounds like the Celtic Ray, one of my favorite haunts, was able to open the next day for the holiday. Can’t keep a good joint down! I recommend their fish and chips!

via NBC-2:


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