Cat Attack Victim: The Cat Has a History of Violence

“He’s charging us!”

A 22-pound Himalayan cat went off on its owners recently, forcing them to cower in the bedroom and call 911. The distraught caller, cat owner Lee Palmer, told the 911 operator that the cat has a history of violence. Apparently, the cat scratched the baby, and then he kicked the cat in the butt. The cat went into a rage, and the family barricaded themselves in the bedroom, pinned in by the angry kitty.

Lux the Himalayan

Lux the Himalayan

The father explained the situation to the 911 operator, who impressively managed to stay professional. She did confirm with a upservisor that police response was necessary. The caller directed her how to tell the police to get in, since he and the family were trapped in a bedroom. With the dog. Apparently, they we were able to survive there watching TV until the police showed up. You can hear the cat on the 911 call, caterwauling through the door.

I am surprised I haven’t seen this blow up on the internet yet, so I’m going to share it. Thanks to my brother for pointing it out. It’s not really crime related, but police were involved, and its hysterical, so I’m posting it. Do listen to the 911 call! 

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