Mesac Damas May Be Incompetent to Stand Trial

Mesac Damas mug shot

Mesac Damas mug shot

The north Naples man accused of slitting the throats of his wife and 5 children has been found by two doctors to be incompetent to stand trial. The judge will have to enter an order regarding competence, but since both experts are in agreement, on can anticipate the judge will follow their recommendations. This doesn’t mean he has been acquitted, but the case will be held in abeyance until such time as he is competent to stand trial. Though he was previously found to be competent to stand trial, it is not unheard of for someone’s mental condition to degrade over time. He will continue to be held in custody, and the state will attempt to treat his mental illness to restore him to competence so he can be tried in the case.

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