Senior Citizen Arrested for Blocking Traffic to Get a Parking Spot #swfl

Carmen Torockiowas

Carmen Torockio

The gray menace continues its scourge in Southwest Florida. Yesterday at Bonita Beach park, 72-year-old Carmen Torockio was fed up with not being able to find a parking spot. He stopped his car in the lane of travel, backing up traffic. A deputy Came up and told him to move his vehicle, but he refused. After parking, the Deputy moved  in and told Torockio that he would be placed under arrest, but he continued to refuse to comply. He was booked into the Lee County Jail on misdemeanor charges.

Thank goodness that guy is off the streets. I doubt he’ll be so disrespectful to a deputy in the future. I mean, sure, it costs us money every time they book someone in jail, but I’m sure a ticket would not have sufficed. He might possibly could have been a dangerous individual You can’t be too safe when the Gray Menace are on the prowl…

Correction: the earlier version spelled the defendant’s name incorrectly “Torockiowas”, as it was written at one place in the NBC story.


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