Police Catch Woman Accused of Robbing 80-Year-Old Lady in Publix Parking Lot

Sarah Greene, Before and After

Sarah Greene, Before and After

Police say they have in custody Sarah Greene, of Maryland, for the robbery of an elderly woman last week in a Publix Grocery parking lot. NBC-2 reports that she has a criminal and drug history from Maryland, including a history of Meth use. Which you could probably have guessed before I told you. She faces multiple charges including robbery, battery on an elderly victim and theft.

It’s rare that someone’s booking photo looks better than the “before” picture, but that’s what drug abuse can do to you. She apparently had come to Florida for drug treatment, and was apprehended after allegedly stealing from a WalMart in the Jacksonville area. To steal from an elderly woman indicates that her drug abuse is likely out of control. The irony is that some time in jail could be good for her if she can get clean and turn her life around. Getting arrested might save her life.

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