Judge in Amanda Knox Retrial Makes Potentially Inappropriate Statements

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox

The judge that presided over the trial that reinstated the guilty verdict of American Student Amanda Knox and her former paramour, Rafaelle Sollectio, mades some public comments about the case. That’s apparently considered improper in an Italian court, as it is here, for a judge to comment on a case that is still going on. Reports indicate it is suspect for a judge to comment on a case while the appeals have yet to be exhausted. This judge did not even wait for the formal order, which won’t be released for a few weeks. Knox’s attorneys say that it indicates prejudice on behalf of the judge, and will try to use it in their favor as they continue to challenge the conviction. After the judgment, appeal will follow, apparently this time to the Italian supreme court, but that appeal won’t be decided until next year (making the extradition talk a little premature.)

I will try to be sure to include on all my Knox related posts that Rudy Guede, the actual killer, has been caught, convicted and is serving time for murder Meredith Kercher.

2 responses to “Judge in Amanda Knox Retrial Makes Potentially Inappropriate Statements

  1. So…there’s been no mention of overturning his conviction in light of the new guilty verdict? Or do they have to exhaust the appeals first?

  2. No, he did something similiar to a plea deal, knowing about their cases. The claim by prosecutors is that all three did it together. By his taking the expedited sentencing, he only got 16 years, in spite of being the actual killer. His guilt is not dependent on whether Knox and Sollecito went along with him.

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