Ashley Toye’s Life Sentence Overturned

According to Wink news, Ashley Toye’s life sentence has been overturned. Toye was convicted of first degree murder for her involvement in the Cash Feenz murders. Her sentence was challenged when the Supreme Court ruled that automatic life sentences for juveniles were unconstitutional. We’ll have more on Crimcourts soon.

3 responses to “Ashley Toye’s Life Sentence Overturned

  1. Never, have I seen a more remorseless monster! She carved on a kids back and today she blames her mother! She belongs in jail! She can’t own her own part! Keep her ass in jail!

  2. Rachelvaughan

    This thing needs to stay in jail. If they let it out, it’ll do something else.

  3. Shes a cold blooded killer…deserves what she got,!

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