Watch Yasiel Puig’s Illegal Arrest

Puig Arrest

Puig Arrest

LA Dodger star Yasiel Puig was arrested in Collier county a few weeks ago, and media outlets have obtained the dash cam video from his stop and arrest. As we pointed out on Crimcourts before seeing the video, unless there was something else reckless about the driving pattern, it is not sufficient to legally establish reckless driving. It’s been settled under Florida law since 1953 that speed is not enough, but that doesn’t stop an uninformed trooper from throwing a guy in jail. Florida specifically has a statute for especially high speeds, enhancements at 30 over and 50 over, but these are civil infractions. Ironically, the fine is HIGHER for those excessive speeds than for reckless driving, but they are not criminal offenses.

Ironically, the trooper is probably feeling proud of himself, as Puig’s companions cry for him in the car. You really feel for them when you know that the trooper is breaking the law. #badcops

For those who are interested in the law, see Miller v. State, 636 So.2d 144 (Fla. 1st DCA 1994)

Full video:

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