Cape Coral Death Penalty Case Starts Trial Today

Andrew Castor

Andrew Castor

Today begins the trial of Andrew Castor, charged with premeditated murder of his neighbor, Bianca Meza. The killing occurred in 2008, and the case has seen delays for witness availability issues and mental capacity questions. Jury selection begins today, and the state has previously filed a notice to seek the death penalty.  Castor allegedly admitted to the killing.


2 responses to “Cape Coral Death Penalty Case Starts Trial Today

  1. When murderers admit to the crime, aren’t they usu exempt from the death penalty?

    • Nope, the state still has the prerogative to pursue the death penalty. Often, if a defendant will plea to the charge and spare the state a trial, they may be willing to forgo seeking a death penalty. However, they can even seek death if the Defendant enters a plea of guilty to the formal charges. You don’t see it very often, because most defendants don’t plea if the state won’t agree not to seek death. At that point, most will take their chances at trial, if there’s nothing to gain by plea.

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