Melissa Webb Sentenced to Life for Killing Ex-Boyfriend

Melissa Webb

Melissa Webb

In a case we covered on Crimcourts, Melissa Webb was convicted at trial last month of Second-Degree Murder for killing her ex-boyfriend, Bryan Sorrendino, and disposing of the body. Her Defense team argued at trial that the killing was done in self-defense, and that she was protected from prosecution by the Stand Your Ground law. The jury instead found her guilty, and today she was sentenced to life in prison, which means no parole or release of any kind in Florida. Appeals will certainly follow, but such appeals are difficult to win. She has an interesting issue that there is no direct evidence to rebut her claim of fear that might justify self-defense, as she was the only survivor. As such, the only evidence to rebut her claim is circumstantial, which makes it difficult for the state to overcome unrebutted testimony. The appellate decision could be an interesting read.

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