Friday Fun: Update on Jill and Kent Easter

  • Update on the California attorney-couple that allegedly tried to frame PTA volunteer from their kids school
  • Jill Easter pled guilty to false imprisonment
  • Kent Easter went to trial this week

Jill and Kent Easter

Jill and Kent Easter were charged with planting drugs in the vehicle of a volunteer at the school their kid attended, apparently due to some earlier beef with her. I have to again commend the excellent work of the police department, who saw through the hoax, and pursued the frame job, instead of doing the easy thing and arresting the lady with drugs in her car. Kent Easter allegedly was caught on video using a pay phone to call in the car to cops, who located drugs. Not only were the couple both attorneys, Jill Easter had published a crime novel under the name Ava Bjork: a suspense story about the perfect crime.

Jill Easter recently pled out to a single charge of false imprisonment, for which she will serve about 120 days of a year long sentence. Kent Easter took his case to trial this week, alleging that he was a pushover and a cuckold, and for the jury to feel sorry for him. Well, he alleged that Jill did the planting, and made him call without telling him she had planted drugs in the car. He claims she took his phone, which is why it pinged in the area of the car when the drugs were planted, and that she had always worn the pants in the family, and that she was cheating on him again at the time of the offense. Something worked, as the jury could not reach a unamimous verdict, and a mistrial was declared yesterday. He faces a possible retrial in the coming weeks. OC Weekly’s summation is excellent.

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  1. Thanks for the information. This is an interesting case.

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