No Jail for Cafeteria Cook Who Had Sexual Contact with a Minor

Keith Reese

Keith Reese

Yesterday, prosecutors in Fort Myers agreed to a plead deal with Keith Reese, a 44-year-old former school cafeteria worker. Mr. Reese pled to charges of Lewd and Lascivious Conduct for sexual contact with minor. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors agreed to a sentence that doesn’t include jail time. Mr. Reese will have to serve 7 years of sex-offender probation, and will be designated as a sex-offender. The abuse allegedly occurred over a period of 2 years, and allegedly involved Mr. Reese’s step-daughter. The initial allegation was for sex with a minor, but the amended charge indicates improper sexual contact, not necessarily intercourse. The amended charges suggest there were significant issues with the State’s case, and the plea may have been a “best interest” plea for both sides: the State gets to supervise him, and Reese doesn’t have to risk being convicted at trial and getting time. 


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